Joe M. - Pennsylvania

I had been suffering with a shoulder injury for about one year when I met Bryan.  I had a mountain biking accident that injured my right shoulder, which only exacerbated my situation since I had two surgeries on that shoulder over the past 10+ years.  I lived with constant discomfort and at times sharp pain.  Earlier that week, I had been rehabbing my shoulder at the fitness center and it was still throbbing when I was introduced to Bryan at a party.

I had heard of Bryan’s skills with healing and I was interested in having an in depth discussion with him about his talents; he was open to talk to me about it.  I listened with disbelief and skepticism.  Bryan began to demonstrate how he was able to generate a healing force by putting his hands together and amassing energy.  I did not feel the sensation, but someone else at my table did. 

Bryan mentioned that as humans, we are capable of being conduits for spiritual healing.  He gave examples and I thought of how this healing power was utilized over the history of mankind.  At that time, I thought about touching Bryan to tap into his healing power to address the pain in my shoulder.  As he talked, I reached over and placed my hand on his shoulder.  Immediately, the pain in my shoulder was gone.  It was throbbing moments ago.  I did not tell him or anyone else at that time.

Over the next two weeks, I was waiting for the pain to return and it did not.  The pain was gone, but I wanted to regain my strength and stamina.  I went to the fitness center to exercise.  I did not feel any pain, but I was not gaining in strength nor supporting muscle development.  I made an appointment for a Reiki healing session with Bryan.  I was encouraged by the healing session, but I did not leave with any immediate noticeable changes.

I continued my exercise regiment and I began to gradually notice improvements with strength and stamina with my shoulder. I was encouraged.  Approximately two months later when I was working out at the fitness center, I had a tremendous session.  I clearly saw improvements with my strength and began to feel very comfortable working out while engaging my right shoulder.

Since I have low testosterone, every six months I get blood work done; for several years, this has been a standard blood test for me.  I had my blood tested about four months after my initial experience with Bryan.  During that time, I began to experience significant gains with muscle strength and mass development, which was noticeable since I was not able to improve and lost muscle mass over the last 14 months due to the injury. 

When I had my six month follow up visit with the doctor, he informed me that my testosterone level had doubled since the last test and that I was now within the normal range for someone in my age group.  I was not shocked by the quantitative blood test results, because my body was already feeling the improvements.  I am continuing to realize gains and increased stamina.  I feel that I am getting so much more out of my workouts.  Overall, my past shoulder surgeries and mountain biking injury does not prohibit me from engaging in any physical activities.

I evolved from a skeptic to a believer of spiritual healing.  Modern medicine was not able to get me to the final stages of normal shoulder function, spiritual healing did.  Bryan’s talents as healer have impacted my life forever. 



Melissa Laudiero, MSN, RN Philadelphia, PA

Please allow me to share my story.

I am a master’s prepared registered nurse, Reiki and QiGong student, and thought I was aware of the practices’ health and expanding consciousness benefits. After Reiki hybrid (advanced energy therapies I didn’t recognize as traditional Reiki) treatments (and his continuing follow-up) by Bryan and his incredible light team, my understanding of energy healing has BEGUN to truly blossom.

On our first treatment, I had prepared and grounded myself to the best of my ability, allowing myself to be open. I was aware of several loving presences, unseen by the human eye. I felt warm and safe. As Bryan+team worked on each chakra, I saw colors and sacred geometries I’ve never seen in this world. Shapes which cannot be described only experienced. I was awed and mystified by what I saw. Each chakra opening brought a different set of visions. If it weren’t for Bryan literally talking to me, and keeping me grounded to this earth, I may not have wanted to come back (lol)…it was so intriguing and beautiful. I did not understand what I saw until this week (almost 1 yr later). There is a documentary which explains the experience. Apparently, we (and all living creatures) have a chemical in our bodies...DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)…which can be activated when we have a spiritual, or near death, experience. It’s affectionately known as the Spirit Molecule. Many ancient cultures have induced these experiences by ingesting it ceremonially. The documentary described more vivid experiences than mine, but had enough similarities for me to understand that I was touched by God and allowed to see “beyond the veil”.

If those visions weren’t enough, I got a HUGE bonus of being healed (when I didn’t even know the need was dire). When Bryan+team worked on my second chakra, there was a buzzing sensation. Bryan said “I’d really like to know what’s on the right, because my Angel has stepped in”. I only knew I was having abnormally long and heavy menstrual cycles, and was taking progesterone to help slow them down. By October, after having a large uterine cyst removed, my hemorrhaging was keeping me from leaving home. The surgeon suggested endometrial ablation- burning out the endometrium- to which I initially agreed. I awoke, very aware that the uterus needed to be removed. The surgeon protested, but agreed to a hysterectomy. The morning after surgery, the doctor sat on the side of the bed and with tears in his eyes broke the news that he was convinced that I had a large sarcoma growing on the outside of my uterus on the right. “You were right, it needed to come out. I’m glad we followed your intuition.” The brilliant thing was, in a week when the pathologies came back, there was no sign of cancer! A trained surgeon saw it with his own eyes, yet it had tested negative. A MIRACLE happened to me. I knew it was the Angel’s intervention which had obliterated the cancer.

One more remarkable thing, Bryan has allowed himself to become a mentor, and share healing modalities with me. My surgery was complicated by ileus, which is where the intestines are paralyzed. It caused intense discomfort and pain. Just before Thanksgiving, after suffering with ileus for a month, Bryan texted me about MAP (medical assistance program), which utilizes a specialized group of guides who can facilitate healing. I read the book that he sent right away, and after my first treatment, was HEALED of the ileus. Where “modern” medicine is inept- there really was nothing the doctors could do or offer- energy medicine excels! I have since recovered, and not had any illness (flu/cold/infection) since beginning work with MAP. Once again Bryan ROCKED IT!

I found Bryan Baskett through a divinely guided Google search of Reiki practitioners in the Ft.Worth area, Spring 2013. I had contacted 3 individuals through phone, internet, and email- yet he was the only to call back. I thought I was looking for a practitioner to support my mother (who had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer), but looking back on the experience- I was looking for healing myself.

Melissa Laudiero, MSN, RN
Philadelphia, PA

GiGi Trebatoski - Florida

I really like Bryan’s unique approach to healing. He has an amazing ability to channel the Universe’s divine healing energies. I have recommended him to quite a few friends and colleagues, as well as asked for his healing services several times.  Most recently, when my 82-year-old father was admitted to the ICU with a collapsed lung and a number of test results pointing towards pancreatic cancer and possibly lymphoma, my family and I feared we were facing the last few weeks of his life. I reached out to Bryan to ask for him to perform a remote healing session for my dad. We are very blessed that almost immediately Dad’s health began to improve. A month later we are blessed with the miracle that Dad is close to coming home with a new lease on life and that tests following Bryan’s treatment show none of the expected markers for cancer and doctors are unsure of what led to the Dad’s hospitalization. I am very grateful to know Bryan and to have been blessed by such miraculous healing. If you feel called at all to ask Bryan for healing for either yourself or a loved one, I would highly recommend that you reach out to him.

BTW it looks like Dad will be back home with us by next weekend which is his 82nd birthday ... pretty amazing!

GiGi Trebatoski


**Update 11/17/17


Dad’s gastroenterologist told Dad yesterday that he’s quite a lucky man, that when the Dr. first saw him in February he was sure he didn’t have long to live, but now he doesn’t think even think it’s cancer any more, possibly just a chronic case of pancreatitis which also seems to be healing.  The Doc agreed with Mom that we were blessed with a miracle and told Dad not to push the limits of Archangel’s patience.  Thanks again for the role you played in this miraculous healing. - GiGi”

Carol Sprafka - Illinois

Bryan was a very important piece to my healing from cancer.  In our country we focus on physical evidence and healing and ignore the emotional and energetic reasons we create cancer.  Bryan's work addresses the energetic piece.  By removing the energy of cancer from our bodies he creates room for the energy of healthy cells to replace the unhealthy cells.  This is necessary for permanent healing.  He is very good at what he does and his energy and real desire to help others can be felt by each person he works with. He has an amazing gift which he shares without reservation.  He is a true healer and I am grateful for all he does.

Carol Sprafka

Antje - Germany

Last year in autumn I was was seen by a gynecologist. I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, which of course is very painful. The doctor recommended an operation.

Well lucky me, being in contact with Bryan through our spiritual Skype sessions, a week before my scheduled procedure, I told him about my illness, and he offered healing. At my preoperative exam, the Doctor was examining me and after a while she mentioned: “Did we not diagnose a cyst last exam?? The cysts are gone!” - Anyhow I told her about the healing I received through Bryan. She was quite impressed.  This is just one healing in between quite a few cures, which happened through Bryan. Really, I hope that there will be more healers around the world like he is, serving the spirits, the universe, going alongside a deep loving connection with the Lord and Angels!  To me, as a priest of an inter-religious church - it was not a surprise that cures like mine are happening. Anyhow - just keep your fingers crossed that more and more people are opening their hearts for the spirits and their way of healing, helping - and maybe some are chosen to serve as well?!

Antje from Germany
Oct, 2017

Ellen C. - LTC. U.S. Air Force Arlington, Virginia

I reached out to Bryan at the suggestion of a family member for a healing session. I had fractured my tailbone during childbirth and was still having a lot of pain/achiness months later. Bryan did a session with me via FaceTime, and I will admit that I was a bit skeptical that I was going to have any improvement. But when I woke up the next day I felt immediate and noticeable relief in my tailbone pain. I was able to sit at my desk at work without having the achiness that I had just the day earlier. Now it is months later and I am still pain-free. Even better than the tailbone relief, was that I felt such mental clarity and extremely light afterwards. That was probably the best part for me. I didn't even realize the kind of postpartum mental fog I was in until it had disappeared. I continue to keep in touch with Bryan and send friends/family to him for healing. It is obvious that Bryan does this work from a very selfless place and just wants to help people. 

Ellen C. 

LTC. U.S. Air Force

Arlington, Virginia

James D. LTC U.S. Army - North Carolina

My testimonial:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects every walk of life. As a military professional, I see more than my share of it - in the eyes of my leaders, my soldiers, and sometimes the guy in the mirror. It takes many forms and is caused by a wide array of circumstances. It manifests itself in a number of ways, but almost universally affects everyone the same - by robbing them of their peace of mind. To me, peace of mind is the probably the most underrated or undervalued aspect of our lives. As a sufferer of PTSD, I find it priceless.

I met Bryan through a family member who recommended I contact him over re-occurring migraines. When Bryan conducted his initial triage, his response was kind, but real - "you have a lot going on." After about an hour and fifteen minutes of work, I immediately felt a change. I no longer felt the stress and near paralyzing anxiety that had been plaguing me for weeks. I had renewed energy and job satisfaction, my productivity soared, and it felt as if my entire outlook on life changed from heading to a dark place to one full of hope. Oh! And my migraines stopped. 

Bryan did an incredible job of following up and tracking my recovery. He 'dialed in remotely' once when he felt I was in need, and he ensured that I did not regress. The change in my spiritual well-being is apparent to everyone around me. It has had a very real and positive impact on my personal and professional life. My children, other family members, and co-workers all have remarked upon the change. I could not be more grateful that my family member recommended Bryan for my problems. Reiki healing works.

James D.

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, 50+ months of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan

Miki Thomas - Canfield OH

“Late May ‘16 I was confirmed having a breast cancer on the right side by Tiffany Breast Care Doctor and was referred to an Oncologist at the Joanne Abdu Breast Care Center in Youngstown who confirmed the cancer. I had refused all medical treatment for my condition choosing instead to go with natural remedies.

I had the first session with Bryan in August, followed by three more sessions.  Last November, my Natural Path Practitioner told me the cancerous conditions were gone; no threatening elements were lurking.

Canfield, Ohio”

Roubiess S. - Grand Prairie, Texas

I had no previous real knowledge of Reiki before I went for my first session, and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical on whether Reiki healing really works or not. when I went in, Bryan made sure I understand what Reiki is, how it works, and what to expect. he explained the steps a head of time and made sure I was ok with it. He helped me feel relaxed and ready to receive and change.

To my surprise, the change was not only physical like I thought it was going to be. yes, I was free of that back and neck pain that I walked in with.. but I was also free of negativity. I walked out full of energy, positive and "overly cheerful". I felt NEW!

Thank you Bryan (and his powerful angels like the other reviewer calls them) for educating me, healing me, and mostly for liberating me. I am now a Reiki believer!

Roubiess S.
Grand Prairie, Texas

Yudit E. - Desert Hot Springs, California

"I've been suffering from extremely debilitating pain, to the point of sleeping sitting up, frozen in position, heating pads and pain pills, and severely

diminished energy. It was getting unbearable. I did not know what to do. A friend from the cancer healing center in Arizona told me of Bryan Baskett, saying he helped her diminish the pain in her stomach tumors. I called Bryan and asked for his help. In three sessions he got rid of my pain. The first time, it was in my right shins, knee and thigh. It was excruciating. In three days it was gone. Then he helped with the pain in my right shoulder and right upper arm. Words cannot express from what pain he relieved me. And the third time, he healed my neck pain and neck which I could not move in either direction, and now I can drive my car and look both ways. It always took a few days. I am very grateful for Bryan and his healing. "

Cynthia D. - Augusta Georgia

I wanted to write this testimony because I feel it is so important not only to thank Bryan but also to let anyone who may be considering a healing session with Bryan to know what a miracle he has been to us and what a truly wonderful human being he is.  

Although the healing sessions he has had with my Daughter have been over Skype it does not seem to affect the healing that takes place at all. We have actually laughingly wondered what he could do in person if he can do this much healing remotely.

My Daughter has an extremely painful condition which caused her to have 3 surgeries during the Summer of 2012. She was 11 years old at that time. It was a nightmare that continued for years afterward because, unfortunately, the surgeries did not work and the condition continued. Her entire life was affected but we just couldn't see having more dangerous surgeries when we had tried that and it failed. So, she lived with it. And I lived with always worrying how this condition would affect her life and worrying if it would become worse through the years.

Then one day I was browsing through Youtube and happened upon Sandra Champlain and an interview she had with a healer named Bryan Baskett.  I instantly felt this was important and I listened to the podcast. Actually, I  listened to it several times and I knew I had to contact Bryan. 

I found his website and sent him an email. He set up a time quickly for a Skype session with her. She didn't feel any different for a couple days and then she realized her condition was better. There was definite improvement but she wasn't completely healed. I contacted Bryan, again, and immediately he did another session with her and explained it can often take several sessions. Well, after the second session she was healed! Her condition was completely in remission.  There was no more pain or any symptoms at all for the first time in 6 years!  It has been a miracle!

With her particular chronic condition we believe she may need periodic 'booster' sessions and Bryan was more than happy to do that for her yesterday.

Words can not express how grateful we are to Bryan! He has transformed my young, sweet Daughters life. I do not completely understand his gift but I know that it is amazing and that he is working with very powerful Angels. He is also the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever come across. Words just can't do justice to explain how special this man is.

We are eternally thankful to Bryan and to God for giving him this gift of healing!